The Indisputable Reality About Tour De France That No person Is Informing You

marva / May 20, 2016

It appears that we are having a repeat of the Tour de France games of condition and also dispute over the doping costs against Floyd Landis the radiance in addition to specialized American biker who won the Tour de France in 2006. It appears just the other day that the Tour de France authorities were implicating Lance Armstrong an additional American bicyclist as well as seven-time champ of the Tour de France of doping costs.

The Tour le tour de france en direct de France authorities are claiming that Floyd Landis had too much testosterone in his body. The body generally produces testosterone as well as when a person is injured as Floyd Landis was as well as is running their body at optimum or over after that their bodies are informed to create even more testosterone compared to the regular individual. It figures that the champion of the Tour de France would absolutely as a matter of fact produce a lot more testosterone than the losers like the French bicycle riders.

Precisely exactly how can any individual take the Tour de France seriously anymore? Last year the Tour de France coverage and television terminals, which covered the celebration made a bunch of additional cash in the summer season after the Tour de France as a result of the Lance Armstrong doping dispute and also phony costs.

Exactly how do we comprehend that the Tour de France officials that have dropped their positions as well as dismayed the tv terminals are refraining from doing a repeat of fees simply to maintain the rankings up as well as keep the Tour de France to life? I would certainly guess that there is even more to this than days the eye which Floyd Landis refrained anything wrong but the French are so awkward that they can not win their own bicycle race for 8 years straight.

The authentic problem is those little stacks in France that they call mountains as well as the entire training course for that matter is simply not testing sufficient for American bikers that are the best on earth. This is why we have to transfer the Tour de France to the USA of The U.S.A. so we could make the class much longer along with a lot a lot more tough. That’s a sensible indicate do for the American bikers, that cares if the French can contend?